Bruegel’s two monkeys

Bruegel’s twin monkeys painting is set in a sixteenth century Antwerp when there were perhaps no monkeys there. The monkeys could only be imagined in the unmistakable Antwerp landscape as if they were… Continue reading

I think I have made up the buffaloes here.I feel their absence so much

You want to make your tranquil morning scenes cloyingly beautiful ? I do not know if I want to make today’s pictures of a stagnant puddle, a marsh with some birds in it… Continue reading

“Person at the window”- By Salvador Dali

    Love this painting By Dali. The title is sexless and may be, archtypally human. A lovely combination of colors, so unlike Dali.And hardly any “deviancy” . The details such as the creases on… Continue reading

Nature poetry and impressionism

Pre-Monet realism in painting consists in painting the objective reality, that is things as they are, without the interference of a subject’s perception, or of his emotions or his interpretation. The aesthetic experience… Continue reading

“Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden” By Otto Dix Year: 1926

Description: She walked in one direction and he in the other. Dix stopped in his tracks. “I must paint you, I simply must! You represent an entire epoch.” She was amused. “You want… Continue reading

Paul Gauguin’s painting “Two Tahitian women”

Susan Burns, 53, a woman from Arlington recently attacked Paul Gauguin’s painting “Two Tahitian women” in the national gallery of Art trying to rip it from the wall. She had a problem with… Continue reading

“Shapes of Fear”-painting by Maynard Dixon

(taken from Flickr member : mbell1975) I love this painting by Maynard Dixon for the way the abstract idea of fear is concretized here,in the way the four shapes representing four humans stand… Continue reading

“Interior of a Masjid”- A painting by William Carpenter

Interior of a Musjid, Ahmedabad – 1853 Water-colour painting of figures inside a mosque at Ahmadabad, Gujarat by William Carpenter (1818-1899) between 1850 and 1856. Inscribed on the reverse is: [In]’terior of a… Continue reading

How schizophrenics hide themselves behind art This is a painting by B.Datta from Kolkata ,who is under treatment for schizophrenia. The subject of a man and a woman with facetious expressions is interesting. The use of bright colors… Continue reading

“Doubts”- a painting(1886) by Ray Henrietta

Love the painting for the subdued colors and the perfect ‘mood’ created between the lovers,the woman having expressed doubts about his faithfulness and the lover trying all his tricks to convince her about… Continue reading